Photographic Retouching and Restoration


I provide photographic retouching and restoration of DIGITAL FILES ONLY. I do not handle original photos which means you are responsible for getting any paper images scanned, please.

Typically, 24 hour turn-around time, via email, Dropbox, Box or another web based image hosting site. Fees DOUBLE for orders turned around in under 24 hours. All orders will be accessible to you, in Dropbox, Box and YouSendIt, for 90 days. All orders are archived to hard disk, indefinitely.

All orders are treated with custom care and will be completed to your fullest satisfaction.

No job is too large or too small. No job will be turned away for difficulty.

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: I use my personal discretion regarding content of an illegal nature (extremely sexual, violent or otherwise offensive) when accepting/refusing work and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

***contact for quote and free demo image***


***Pricing (per hour):
$10 per “head” for BASIC retouching (yearbook portraits, public relations photos)
$50 for GROUPS OF FIVE and up (large families, team sports)
$20 can be added for CREATIVE flair (compositing, enhancement, graphic elements)
$42 per hour for MAGAZINE and advertising quality retouching
$30 is added for orders requiring EXCEPTIONAL retouching
$30 for NIP & TUCK for retouching similar to having had plastic surgery
$30 per hour is required to restore badly damaged, VINTAGE photos


***BASIC retouching includes:
color correction
density correction
noise reduction
file size interpolation
sensor dirt
minor eyeglass glare
red eye
acne/blemishes/minor scars
stray hair/hair fills
five o’clock shadow
minor skin and teeth shine/glare
minor teeth whitening/straightening
wrinkles in skin and clothing
thinning of faces and figures
backdrop/background removal, replacement, restore
tears, rips, kinks and minor folds, not happening across subjects faces

***EXCEPTIONAL Retouching, NIP & TUCK and VINTAGE Restoration includes:
people removal, insertion or replacement
full upper and/or lower orthodontic braces removal
severe burns, acne and injury scarring on subjects
dramatic alterations in gender, bone structure, weight gain/loss
extreme eyeglass glare
large lens flare
moiré pattern removal
tears, rips, kinks and large folds across subjects faces
burns, holes and water staining in paper
color restoration of faded prints
any restoration requiring freehand, artistic rendering and/or subjective improvisation

***CREATIVE Flair & MAGAZINE Retouching includes (but is not limited to):
adding images and graphics from your own ideas and other provided photos
adding names, sports insignias, symbols and clip art
modeling/acting comps
over-saturating color, sepia and brown toning
desaturating portions of or entire images, colorizing portions of or entire images
adding artistic or exaggerated blurring, depth of field or focus
stylizing an image to any specification you desire


A FREE, lo-res sample of the work you’d like done is always gladly provided upon request. This constitutes my reasoning behind not offering refunds because you agree to pay for services, having approved the work done to a free demo.



Photography graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor of The Imaging Arts and Sciences program (JPHL1995) with an Associate’s degree in Art and Illustration from SUNY Oneonta.

Learned traditional print and negative retouching with dyes and leads in 1995 from Master of Photography, Rick Juszkiewicz, proprietor at Duncan Studio in Rochester, NY.

Started digital retouching in 1995 when Adobe Photoshop premiered at RIT.

Providing exquisite quality, fast and affordable, digital image manipulation, retouching and restoration to studios and individual clients since 1995.



Leigh Infield Studios (Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Fiestaware)

B25 Studios (Newport Car Museum, CCN)

C. A. Moore Photography 

Zummo & Zummo, Inc  The Latté Lounge

The Stonehouse

Antonino Barbagallo

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